Battery research equipment


Biologic VMP-3 with six channels (upgradeable to 16);

3 channels with ability to measure impedance (1 MHz down to 10 µHz)

4 channels inside the glovebox



Control voltage: ±10 V adjustable between[-20; to +20] V (standard); up to 60 V with FlexP0060/FlexP0160

Voltage resolution: 5 µV on 200 mV range

Compliance: ±10 V adjustable between [-20; to +20] V (standard)


Current :

Current ranges: 400 mA to 10 µA (standard); down to 1 nA (Low Current)

Maximum current: ±400 mA; up to 800 A with four FlexP0012

Current resolution: 0.760 nA; down to 76 fA (Low Current)

Battery tester:

Landt CT2001A-5V2mA with Landt battery software

8 channels with cables inside the glovebox for cycling with the exclusion of air and water


Test range: 10 mV – 5 V; 0.01 mA-2 mA


Battery cells:

Teflon cells with Teflon insets in various sizes (ability to change size of the electrode surface and amount of electrolyte); use of felt electrodes possible

Various electrode materials and membranes can be used,

In-situ samples can be taken during measurements for analysis

Pressure is monitored by a Lorenz k-22 miniature sensor for reproducibility

Analytical Balance:

Mettler Toledo ME204

Readability: 0.1 mg, internal adjustment, settling time of 2 s.

Linearity: 0.2 mg

Repeatability: 0.1 mg

Maximum Capacity: 220g