Various smaller instruments and methods

  • Brookfield RVDV-III UCP rheometer
  • Setaram differential scanning calorimeter (DSC).
  • Four Gloveboxes; in one it is possible to run temperature dependent conductivity measurements (Metrohm 712) using a 24 sample block heater
  • Karl-Fischer titrator (Schott Instruments KF trace) for the measurement  of water contents down to 1 ppm.
  • Hettich EBA 21 centrifuge.

Quantum-chemical calculations

  • Computer cluster with 124 nodes, including six performance nodes each equipped with 12 CPUs, 128 GB RAM and 800 GB hard drive space designated for delicate correlated ab initio calculations. Site licenses to Gaussia, Turbomole, CFOUR and COSMO-RS. Additionally installed programs include ORCA, GAMESS and others.