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We started to work in the battery area as electrolyte group, based on our native 'Ionic Systems' experience. As such we established in 2010 the Battery Materials Laboratory at the Freiburg Materials Research Center FMF with support from the Merck-Company and from 2012 to 2019 from the BASF-Company. Over time we started to work on battery materials and systems in general, i.e. electrolytes / electrolyte salts / additives, (coating / doping of) cathode active materials CAMs, anode-protection, Li-Ion-, Li-Sulfur- and Li-Metal-Batteries as well as Next Generation Al- / Mg-Batteries and innovative Maganese-based Redox Flow Battery Systems.

Electrolytes / electro-lyte salts / additives, Li-Ion-, Li-Sulfur- and Li-Metal-Batteries.

Next Generation Al- / Mg-Batteries and Manganese-based Redox Flow Batteries.

Improve CAMs by Oxidative Fluorination.

How do you build a LiB...?

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