Video Tutorials to Group-Topics

WCAs / Reactive Cation

A series of videos delineating our research in the area of WCAs and the stabilization of reactive cations as WCA-salts. See X-ray structure tricks!

Unified Scales

A series of tutorial videos on the background and development of the unified scales and the PPM. 'How to's' on the application of the concept.

Materials Syntheses

'How to' videos on the preparation of the key starting materials originating from our group. Hands-on training, how to set up preparation.

#1 - WCAs Basics Lecture

#1 - Towards a unified Acidity Scale

coming soon...

#2 - WCA Pseudo Gas Phase Conditions Gas Phase Cations

#2 Concept unified reducity and PPM


#3 - Crystal structure refinement with the [Al(ORF)4] anion made easy with the DSR program in ShelXle.

Please activate subtitles to see explanations during the video.

#3 Experiments_unified reducity and PPM

#4 How to set up a measurement with the 'ideal' ILSB. By Denis Priester.